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long time no see

I had two slices of toast today with honey on them and they were wonderful. I forgot how delicious honey tastes and we have a barely-used jar in the pantry. I will appropriate the excess!
I've had the house to myself for the past 3 days. I thought it would be nice to have people round to take advantage of this but nobody was really interested, which is fine because I don't want to clean the house up too much anyway...
I perform on most tuesday nights at the moonshine cafe in oakville - they have an open stage. I sing and play acoustic guitar. I can't sing but neither could bob dylan, so I just write abstract lyrics so that everyone will be so confused that they'll have to focus on trying to validate their own existence, instead of throwing pint glasses at me to vindicate my discordant voice.
I finished school in may or april or something. I'm on the 'dean's list' because I worked so hard to grasp the profound concepts surrounding the history of rock n roll. seriously though, that class was solid. I hope the dean's list is kept in the school's dungeon in a treasure chest inscribed in blood on a scroll made of papyrus paper, in which case I will feel successful
since summer started I've been working at sheridan nurseries. I'm doing well and learning stuff and I sort of got promoted from manual labour department to flower department. I think I might not get as many shifts as I'd like, but they fired the janitor I think so maybe I can come in an sweep and read newspapers in the washroom. Sheridan is giving me the same problem as the lcbo where I see intriguing products and become really interested and spend most of the money I should be earning. thankfully herb pots don't cost as much as vintage wines, and I don't often purchase the latter anyway these days. I have three pots full of different herbs to use in cooking once I learn how to do that again. I have two different basils, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lavender and three different types of mint. I need to get some bright lights for my bedroom so that they don't all die when I go back to school. I heard chicks dig a guy who knows his dill from his fennel, but I might have misheard.
I hope to go to montreal again later on this summer if some friends and I can work it into our employment schedules. I feel as though I didn't absorb as much of the culture when i was there in the winter as I could have. I'll take my guitar and see what the french think of my singing.
birthday soon. I hope someone will get me daft punk tickets and a plethora of kung fu movies

see you next year I guess
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When I was a kid I used to eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches a lot. I had them for lunch just about every day! I don't think I even tried the jam combo until very recently.

And congrats on being on the Dean's list, that's really cool.