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I don't know what to say.
It's been so long.

I'm at Sonic Unyon and I am photocopying. I've been working here since February and it's going pretty well. I like everyone here pretty much.
I spend a lot of time with Michelle even though she's been grounded and I'm worried about cramping her style, and I realized that this sucks because I don't have any friends that I really hang out with any more, so that's probably why. Brent's back now, so that helps a bit, and I need to hang out with Steph more. I wish it was summer. I have one month left of high school, and I'm already 11months late. I need a job for the summer. I hope that they can give me one here. If anybody knows of full time work in the GTA for the summer that pays decent please tell me. I hate hamilton. It's so shitty. I'm trying to sell shit from my house and make some money to buy more shit like guitar gear I guess. I love money, but I never have much because I waste it all. We need a band name for the band that is forming from the remnants of anklespank. give us one. Not lionheart ty.
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