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Drinking from the Necks of the Ones you Love [entries|friends|calendar]

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666 [20 Oct 2007|01:49pm]

Opening Credits: Foo Fighters - See You

Waking Up: Mogwai - A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters (Third Eye Foundation Tet Offensive Remix)

First Day At School: Maharaj = Repetition

Falling In Love: Run-on Conscience - Rags to Riches

Fight Song: Incubus - Take me to your Leader

Breaking Up: Chopin - Prelude No. 7 in A Maj

Prom: Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Angles

Life: Bob Dylan - The Wicked Messenger

Mental Breakdown: Nile - To Dream of Ur

Driving: Five Iron Frenzy - One Girl Army

Flashback: Claude Bolling - I've Got You Under my Skin

Getting Back Together: Matthew Good - Bright End of Nowhere

Losing Your Virginity: Matt Pond PA - The Hollows

Wedding: Glassjaw - Pretty Lush

Birth of Child: Alexisonfire - We Are the End

Final Battle: Massive Attack - Danny the Dog - Opening Credits

Death Scene: Mario 64 - Koopa Clear

Funeral Song: Johann Strauss - Where the Lemon Trees  Blossom

End Credits: Cake - Frank Sinatra

That sucked, except for the wedding and death scenes


hey [06 Oct 2007|01:58am]
for all of my academic and musical undertakings.

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666 [25 Jun 2007|01:44am]
long time no see

I had two slices of toast today with honey on them and they were wonderful. I forgot how delicious honey tastes and we have a barely-used jar in the pantry. I will appropriate the excess!
I've had the house to myself for the past 3 days. I thought it would be nice to have people round to take advantage of this but nobody was really interested, which is fine because I don't want to clean the house up too much anyway...
I perform on most tuesday nights at the moonshine cafe in oakville - they have an open stage. I sing and play acoustic guitar. I can't sing but neither could bob dylan, so I just write abstract lyrics so that everyone will be so confused that they'll have to focus on trying to validate their own existence, instead of throwing pint glasses at me to vindicate my discordant voice.
I finished school in may or april or something. I'm on the 'dean's list' because I worked so hard to grasp the profound concepts surrounding the history of rock n roll. seriously though, that class was solid. I hope the dean's list is kept in the school's dungeon in a treasure chest inscribed in blood on a scroll made of papyrus paper, in which case I will feel successful
since summer started I've been working at sheridan nurseries. I'm doing well and learning stuff and I sort of got promoted from manual labour department to flower department. I think I might not get as many shifts as I'd like, but they fired the janitor I think so maybe I can come in an sweep and read newspapers in the washroom. Sheridan is giving me the same problem as the lcbo where I see intriguing products and become really interested and spend most of the money I should be earning. thankfully herb pots don't cost as much as vintage wines, and I don't often purchase the latter anyway these days. I have three pots full of different herbs to use in cooking once I learn how to do that again. I have two different basils, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lavender and three different types of mint. I need to get some bright lights for my bedroom so that they don't all die when I go back to school. I heard chicks dig a guy who knows his dill from his fennel, but I might have misheard.
I hope to go to montreal again later on this summer if some friends and I can work it into our employment schedules. I feel as though I didn't absorb as much of the culture when i was there in the winter as I could have. I'll take my guitar and see what the french think of my singing.
birthday soon. I hope someone will get me daft punk tickets and a plethora of kung fu movies

see you next year I guess

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666 [14 Sep 2006|09:16pm]
Today I went grocery shopping,  did my laundry, ironed my clothes changed my bedsheets, cooked two meals and assembled a dining table. Now I'm looking for a tall dark and handsome to bring home the bacon.


666 [11 Sep 2006|01:13am]
These past few weeks I've been getting getting down with Mogwai's Mr Beast. I bought it in the summer but wasn't into too much of it, but it's really grown on me. I was never into Mogwai... I just wasn't familiar with them or their music. A couple of weeks ago, however, I decided that the song Glasgow Mega-Snake, the second track, was the song that changed my life for the time being because it offers so much in terms of dynamic intensity, and it's just so loud and heavy. It has some of the tastiest distortion I've ever heard but is still entirely coherent and the chords do so much for me. Listen to it at full volume if you want an experience. You won't regret it. I wish I'd gone to see these guys when they were in town in May. The sixth track on the album is a really pretty piano/synth/noise ballad that I am really into listening to over and over again. I love how something so simple and  delicate can be used in a song that amounts to attaining such loud and powerful dynamic results. All in all, though, this song is wonderful enough that it is going to be the song I dance to at my wedding. No joke.

I read pitchfork's review of the CD (http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/record_review/19976/Mogwai_Mr_Beast), and I kind of agree with what they are saying in it. What they pointed out of robbing the score 3.6 of its potential points was very prominent in my mind from what I knew about Mogwai. Since the CD's grown on me, though, it hasn't mattered enough to take that much of a hit in terms of overall rating. I would give the CD 8.4 overall.

My mum's been buying me so many household/cooking supplies. I'm learning to cook properly and it feels good to not be entirely dependant. I'm surviving well on my own. My room mates are pretty alright.


666 [07 Sep 2006|06:41pm]
Attention please.
I had to change my god damn phone number.
it is now

519 701 2422

Update your records please.



666 [05 Sep 2006|01:01pm]
My first two classes were rad.
My film criticism professor seems a little eccentric but two thirds of the class is just watching movies.
My music appreciation professor is a very outspoken and looks like a homeless person. He plays drums in a freejazz/noise band and has played with the nihilist spasm band, which in itself is awesome, but he also made many radical statements without conviction, a favourite being that 95% of the jazz you hear on the radio is not actually jazz and anybody who thinks that Kenny G is a jazz artist 'should be taken outside and shot'. I told him I was going to Scotland at the end of the month and what should I do for class and he said to bring him back two single malts.



666 [03 Sep 2006|10:52am]
I'm in London now. I missed a couple of people in the last week because I was so fucking busy. I miss michelle so much already. Dropping her off at the train station and waving to her as the train left made me really unhappy. I'm kind of sad now but I organized my room in a way I can be proud of and managed to fit everything, so it's a bit more like home. I used to get homesick when I went to scout camp. I hope I don't now. this is my first time living away from home. My parents are really supportive and my mum called last night and said she would today too. She left a good luck card in my room when we went out for dinner last night. My roommates seem kind of nice. They might think I'm a weirdo because I've been really shy so far. I think I just wasn't really in the mood for hanging out and talking, but I'm going to explore the town today and see who I can meet. I have a bus pass but I forgot my skateboard. Pissed! I might be home next weekend, but if not then definitely the one after for my brother's stag party. I have a retarded stash of food in my closet. I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to share with everyone. I don't mind sharing most of it, but fuck those guys if they want to eat my mr. noodles. Fuck them! I'm slowly putting all my music onto my laptop. I got a plant for my desk, but I'm not sure what to name it. I think I'll go for a run today if I get myself moving in the next few minutes. I bought new slippers at ikea. They're like my other ones only red instead of green. I think I'll post pictures of my room later on! I'm paranoid about getting stolen from. Luckily I have a brand new lock on my door. I don't think I have a landline at this house yet, but my cellphone number is still the same for the time being until I change it to 519. If you want to, please call me. I'm a little unsure of what to do socially right now so I could do with a chat. I'm going to go and learn things about this town now. School starts on Tuesday and my first class is film criticism. My other classes are mass media, reason and writing, music appreciation and the history of rock and roll. Stoked! ok byeee

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666 [26 Aug 2006|11:45pm]
I have six days left in Oakville. I want to see everybody please.

905 617 8885.


666 [14 Aug 2006|01:04pm]
I already had one of these registered, so I decided to start a 'blog' to keep track of the whole moving out/starting school process. I'm pretty excited for it.
Check it out. I'll talk about a lot of stuff but it will be more formal than this one.

ya hrrrrd


666 [12 Aug 2006|01:42am]
Good things:

V: i can assure you, I mean you no harm

Evey: who are you?

V: who...who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask

Evey: well i can see that

V: of course you can. i'm not questioning your power of observation. i'm merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who... he... is...

Evey: oh...right

V: but on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more common place subarcuate, to suggest the character of this dramatise person

V: Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.

[carves V into wall]

V: The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.


V: Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.

Evey: Are you like a crazy person?

V: I'm quite sure they will say so.


Until the 20th century, reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see,
and hear.
Since the inital publication of the charged electromagnetic spectrum, humans
learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and hear...is less than one
millionth of reality.


666 [11 Aug 2006|12:18pm]
I'm 3/5 done at MDA. I listen to music all day and don't really do that much work.
I'm so! excited for college. Can't wait to be living on my own (ish). I'm living at gatewalk - www.collegegatewalk.com - and I faxed my course selections yesterday. I want to find a band or some shows or something as soon as I move in. They should be putting me in a place with other musicians so hopefully that will be a super fly experience. I'm surprisingly not going to miss a whole lot of people that I would have expected to a year ago. Meeting new people is a really big deal for me too, so I'm excited about that. 

http://members.tripod.com/skintigh/drpepper/ -from mr. king.


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666 [30 Jul 2006|08:54pm]
I started my new job on monday. It's not a bad job - I'm doing data entry at the company where my dad works. I get 40 hours a week and usually spend 45 there since I'm on my dad's schedule (carpooling). $9/hour ain't so bad. The job is just so excruciatingly boring. can't take it

I went and looked at two places in London today to stay at. They were both pretty nice. I don't know quite what I'm going to do yet.

I haven't really seen any friends in a long time, but some of them are real jerks anyway.

Looking forward to September and meeting new people in london, but worried about leaving michelle.


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666 [12 Jul 2006|07:48pm]
I'm having so much trouble with having a job. I don't even want to begin to explain it.

Open invitation for anybody in the area reading this - my birthday is on friday so come and say hello or come downtown in the evening and have some drinks to celebrate. If you know my phone number then call it and I will let you know what's going on. everyone!

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666 [07 Jul 2006|02:02pm]
I failed my G test this morning, but I'm going to pass it next time.

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666 [17 May 2006|10:42am]
I don't know what to say.
It's been so long.

I'm at Sonic Unyon and I am photocopying. I've been working here since February and it's going pretty well. I like everyone here pretty much.
I spend a lot of time with Michelle even though she's been grounded and I'm worried about cramping her style, and I realized that this sucks because I don't have any friends that I really hang out with any more, so that's probably why. Brent's back now, so that helps a bit, and I need to hang out with Steph more. I wish it was summer. I have one month left of high school, and I'm already 11months late. I need a job for the summer. I hope that they can give me one here. If anybody knows of full time work in the GTA for the summer that pays decent please tell me. I hate hamilton. It's so shitty. I'm trying to sell shit from my house and make some money to buy more shit like guitar gear I guess. I love money, but I never have much because I waste it all. We need a band name for the band that is forming from the remnants of anklespank. give us one. Not lionheart ty.

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666 [19 Mar 2006|12:39am]
Internet meet Wendy.
Wendy, internet.

Michelle and bunny are cute.

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666 [12 Mar 2006|11:43pm]
I went through all my old CDs this evening and Trevor and I went through some old ones I never listen to, mostly because they're bad, sometimes because I'm just not into that stuff any more... mostly the standard nu metal fare that I found myself involved with because I was just getting into music in the late nineties.
Notable dsks include: Limp Bizkit - Significant Other, P.O.D. - The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, Taproot - Welcome, Zebrahead - Playmate of the Year, and Waste of Mind, Sugar Ray - Floored. I'm also listening to Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. I'm still shocked by this band, because they're actually pretty decent. I've found that getting more into the production side of the music biz has made me listen to music on an entirely new level above things like musicianship, composition, lyricism, etc. Linkin Park sounds fucking amazing, because the production values are incredible, even on their first cd. I'm thinking of buying that other one that came out a few years ago just because I hear it sounds absolutely huge. I don't even know what it's called right now? The Slipknot CD was weak. Sounded thin and not heavy. Obviously the songs themselves were weak too. Pretty bad for a band with nine members.

This post has been about the values of Nu Metal.


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666 [28 Feb 2006|07:48pm]
I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon. I will not steal from Sonic Unyon.

Sonic Unyon is a sweet place to be working even though I'm just performing menial tasks there. Just being surrounded by piles of cds and getting to look at them and talk about them in such a relaxed environment is worth the fact that my tasks are mostly filling envelopes with cds and photocopying. Really sweet place to be. Everyone is very nice, and nobody hassles me about anything. The fact that I'm in a situation I enjoy is a real boost to my work ethic.

I will not steal from Sonic Unyon.

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666 [14 Feb 2006|11:57pm]
Fuck the haters

Valentine's day was amazing.
less than threes everywhere.

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